Psychic Readings: What to know before visiting a psychic

Psychic reading is an activity that has been passed down so many generations. Normally, psychics are known to posses special abilities that enables them to see things beyond human understanding. Today, psychics are still playing an important role in our modern society and have helped so many people to understand certain life situations. As much as there are real psychics offering real help out there, there are scammers who portray themselves as professional psychics but in real sense, they are after making money out of the unsuspecting public.

Although it may not be easy to tell whether a psychic is genuine or not, you need to be very alert during a session so that you don’t miss any suspicious move. First of all, you need to know that it is possible for psychics to share information about their clients thanks to technology. If you have been to a psychic before and you decided to try another one who seems to know so much about you after taking a while to meditate, then you need to play smart by asking other questions that you had not shared with the previous psychic or anyone else.

In order to make more money out of you, a fake psychic may offer you affordable psychic readings, portions or spells that are expected to help your situation at a price of course. This is so far one of the biggest scams such psychics use. Remember that the work of a psychic is to read things about you and offer possible solutions. When a psychic keeps selling you one portion after the other each and every time then you need to be very careful. A psychic who always wants you to drop by everyday for whatever reason and you have to pay for the service may also be after your money.

When having time with your psychic, you have to be very keen about the type of statement being used to question you. Some psychics tend to use general statements that may apply to you but also to other millions of people around the world. If you feel like the psychic has not hit a sensitive point about you or your situation and keeps taking you round and round then you have to be very careful not to spend your money. You should also take note that psychics don’t always have good news for you so be careful of psychics who only bear good news. Some of the best psychics tend to have more disappointed clients than happy ones and the ratings or reviews will tell it all.

Finding out more about a psychic is the first step of making sure that you don’t waste your time and money. Thanks to the internet, you can easily read about what previous clients experienced when working with a certain psychic. Fake psychics try to hide their past by changing their names and even get fake reviews and ratings in order to attract more clients. Should you get a psychic reading that requests for your positive feedback after the session then just know that your psychic is busy with attracting more clients and not helping you out.

Why it’s worth it to spend on a house cleaning service

The amount of duties and work we have daily can make hard to keep our life well-balanced, and it is common that at least one area ends up being a chaotic mess. An agenda can help in some aspects, but if we think about why it’s worth it to spend on a house cleaning service, we will quickly find the advantages of requesting help and alleviating the weight in our shoulders.

House cleaning is easy and quick if we do not let the dirt accumulate. However, the fatigue can make us postpone some tasks. Cleaning the dishes, for example, is a daily responsibility that can be harder (or not) depending on what we have cooked. Greasy plates or smelly containers will be a challenge by itself, but if they remain a long time without being cleaned or at least soaked, it will only get worst.

It is easy to forget other responsibilities as well. Cooking daily will force us to have cooking pots and utensils clean unless we end up buying food in the street, but cleaning the basement, scrubbing and polishing the floor and removing the dust in each drawer are not ideas constantly on our mind.

Some decades ago, it was common that women stayed in-house taking care of the kids and the house. Therefore, school time was a perfect moment to have an empty home ready to be cleaned, and though it was impossible to clean absolutely everything, have the food ready in time for dinner, and take care of everything, it was possible to deal with more parts and have (in general) a cleaner home.

But now everyone in a household works, and therefore, there is no one left to clean every single particle of dust that enters daily. Even if the tasks are distributed evenly (supposing fatigue does not exist and you do not go to rest after you come back from work), it is impossible to reach every single part every day for the lack of time, and of course, energy.

Some families can keep their home mostly clean through the collaboration of parents and children. However, some areas require specialized care because they have so much dirt accumulated that it is impossible to go through all of it, and will need to be constantly taken care of to avoid going back to the previous state.

Nothing is more disheartening that finish up cleaning to see how everything is dirty in just a few days or hours, and we can find ourselves quickly demotivated to keep up the work. When this is combined with our work, the kids and our finances, it can end up in a total collapse that will look like a mess in the kitchen and living-room.

However, hiring a house cleaning service is an easy way to avoid this. A team of experts can quickly take scan every area, see every peck of dirt, and remove it, as simple or as hard as it might be. Regular service will allow us to keep a nice daily ambiance, while if a special occasion comes up, we can hire them for a more specialized clean up that makes our entire home shine.

Therefore, we will be free to rest and share with our family once we arrive home, instead of taking care of keeping everything in order.

Why your garage should be built out of metal

So you are out there contemplating of putting up a garage at your home. There are many things that you need to take into consideration. One of the fundamental and essential factors to look into before moving on with the plans of putting up a garage is the type of garage. So, have you asked yourself the kind of garage you need? Most people still cling on to the idea of having the traditional garage made of wood perhaps somewhere besides their house. However, the metal garage has more advantages over the traditional garage. Well, as you contemplate of the right type of garage to add to your home or property, it is essential to figure out the following benefits of metal garages that are built out from Great Western Steel Building Kits.
Convenience and Safety
Metal garages are weather resistant, and for this reason, they can offer you services at all times and all seasons. Depending on the type of weather and climate in your area, you can pick on the apt gauge that best suits your kind of weather. The traditional garages made up of wood are prone to rotting, warping, cracking and molding. It means that you will have to spend money time and again to have constant repairs on the wooden garage. Additionally, the metal garage is more resistant to fire than the traditional wood garages. Moreover, cleaning your garage will be easy bearing in mind that metal garages will take a shorter period to dry compared to the wooden garage. When you think of building a garage or installing one, you should consider the convenience and safety of the metal garage over the traditional garages.
Everyone love to get the value of their money when they make a purchase. It is an inherent part of every buyer so you are not an exception. One of the fantastic things about the metal garage is price. They have a relatively low price than the traditional wooden garages. If you like to save money, why go for the wooden garage? Get a good deal that will help you save money and still have value for the money you spend. Moreover, a metal garage is durable hence you will not have to go through the process of annually buying or repairing the garage. So, if you were looking for a good deal for your money, you should think of metal garage.
The metal garages are fantastic because they can fit in easily at any space that you need them. Similarly, their installation process is easy compared to the wooden garages that prove to be much delicate and relatively difficult to build. Metal garages also come in different sizes, and some are even customized to meet the demands of the buyers. Therefore, it offers you a chance to have a freedom of choice that is very important for buyers.
When making plans to have a garage added to your property, you need to think regarding the aforementioned merits of the metal garages. Moreover, you will need to consider versatility, convenience, safety, and value when you think of apt metal garages to suit your needs.M

Paying more for reliable commercial roofing

Roofing should be considered the key element in any construction at all cost since it brings out the real look of the structure/house. The type of roofing done in a given construction depends on the design of the construction itself. It brings out the clear picture of the smartness of the constructed structure be it of any kind. The best of this is achieved by getting the best structural engineer to work hand in hand with your plan on how you need your structure to look like, the type of roofing materials you need to use i.e the iron sheets and or tiles, the type of struts and joists to use, whether metallic or wooden.

More especially, when it comes to commercial constructions, you have to consider hiring a good experienced engineer who has good knowledge on commercial roofing. The engineer knows what it is to keep perfection at hand, doing the best is the only option. In this case the engineer knows what to do and what not to do at the site. The perfect engineer for the work knows how to handle his workers so as to provide the best in the project, click here to contact the best roofers in Cincinnati.

The need to achieve the best is the main reason why you should pay more for reliable commercial roofing. For you to achieve the best, you have to buy quality roofing materials for your commercial roofing. You have to collect ideas from experts and also by seeing other commercial buildings and their designs.

The site of your commercial building also matters to some point, you need not to color clash with the surrounding. With this, the structural engineer will help out on the color of roofing and or make preferences with you on your best colors if they fit or not. This is another reason why you should pay more for reliable commercial roofing. The engineers at the site have to be equal decision makers if you want to get the best from them. They have the experience and so need to perform their duties with total perfection. You have to spend to get the best and this is no option to you, spend the most and achieve the best.

Commercial roofings have to be done professionally in the essence that, they don’t bring any distractions in the neighbourhood, ensure you don’t demolish your roof when your neighbour is erecting his structure, or when you need more packing space, or when in need of extending the lounge. Make good research before roofing your commercial structure.

Another reason why you should pay more for reliable commercial roofing is the add-ons that make the roofing complete. Buy the perfect gutters and down pipes for the rain water, select the best facia boards to use and perfect paint color that doesnt crash with the roof color. Select also the best ceiling materials and color of the ceiling to use, be it PVC or Costic ceiling, or any other you want to use, have it installed properly by your best structural engineer. All this depict why you should pay more for reliable commercial roofing. Bear in mind that cheap is expensive. Dont be a victim of ‘destroy and build again’. Choose the best and have the best results thereafter however expensive it may seem. It will save more of your time and money in the future. You have the opportunity to make the best decision in commercial roofing and you will never regret it.

Popular and trusted brand for beard trimming

Philips-Norelco is a Popular, Trusted Brand when it comes to Personal Care Appliances, Philips-Norelco Beard Trimmers is very Popular around the World, especially in the US as written on

The Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers started out in 2005 and till now it is the Famous and Best Selling Beard Trimmers. Beard Trimmers are also called as Electric-Shavers, It’s a Device used to Trim Your Hairs. Beard Trimmers Replaced the Traditional way of Shaving, it’s the Best alternative to Razor Shaving without the risks of Cuts, Wounds. Beard Trimmers are electrically-powered Shavers which comes in two types, Corded Trimmers and Cordless Trimmers.


1)Various Choices: There is a wide range of varieties of Beard Trimmers under the Philips-Norelco Brand, each comes with unique Features and different Specifications that is made for a specific purpose. You have a lot of different types of Philips-Norelco Beard Trimmers Available to Choose from. Check out the Products, read the Specifications and Buy according to Your Requirements.

Some Famous and Best Selling Beard Trimmers from Philips-Norelco Brand,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 1000

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3000

c) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3500

d) Norelco Beard-trimmer 5100

e) Norelco Beard-trimmer 7200

f) Norelco Beard-trimmer 9100

2) Cordless with Corded (Two-Way Powered): All Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers from series 1000 is Cordless and are Battery Powerd but One can also use the Beard Trimmers by Connecting with a Direct Power Supply, unlike most other Beard Trimmers which is either Corded or Cordless, they can’t be used in both Ways. This To-Way Powered Feature makes Norelco Branded Trimmers Unique and Different from other Beard Trimmers available in the Market.

3) Good Battery Backup: Battery Capacity and Backup is the main Feature of Any Corless Trimmer, The more the Battery Capacity is the more Time the Trimmer will Work. All Norelco Branded Beart Trimmers comes with a Good Battery Backup ranging from around 50 min to 120 min of Use in a Single Charge. The Norelco Beardtrimmer 3500 provides Battery Backup of 120 min.

4) Fast Charging: This is Feature of Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers which Tops all the Comparison Lists/Charts when Compared to Other Trimmers. Usually, Cordless Beard Trimmers takes around 8-10 Hours of Time to Charge the Battery Fully which is a lot of time to wait. Norelco Branded Trimmers doesn’t need even Half of the Time taken by other Beard Trimmers. It Just takes 1 Hour of Time to Charge the Trimmer Fully and make it Available for use, that’s Approximately 10% of the time taken by other Beard Trimmers.

Some Norelco Fast-Charging Feature enabled Beard Trimmers,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3500

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 5100

c) Norelco Beard-trimmer 7200

d) Norelco Beard-trimmer 9100

5) Skin-Friendly: Most of the People prefer Beard Trimmers over Razor Shaving to have a Shave done Perfectly without the risks of any Cuts or Wounds. The Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers are made by keeping Safety into Consideration. These Beard Trimmers are equipped with High-Quality Stainless Steel, Titanium blades which not only gives a Clean Shave but also Ensures a Protective and Safe Shave. The Blades are Sharpened and Designed in such a way to cut each and every Hair Perfectly and Prevent harm to Skin.

6) Water-Resistant and Washable: Cleansing of the Trimmers after Every use is Necessary to maintain Good and Hygenic Shave. Cleaning the Beard Trimmers is a Challenging Tasks with some Beard Trimmers which poses Restrictions on the Way of Cleaning and doesn’t have the Water-resistance feature But this is not the Problem with Norelco Beard Trimmers. Norelco Beard Trimmers comes with Washable Attachments and Water-resistant Feature which allows us to Directly Wash and Clean the Beard Trimmers or its Attachments with Water under the Tap.

Some Norelco Beard Trimmers with Washable Detachments,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 1000

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3000

c) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3100

d) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3500

e) Norelco Beard-trimmer 7200

Some Norelco Beard Trimmers with Fully Washable Water-Resistant Feature,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 5100

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 9100

Moving home is a very difficult task

Moving home is a very difficult task, most women take part in it. Women also have to work very hard to do the work of the house. The more women handles the house. The men find that the house is not safe. Because men are more confident in doing the work of the office. But sometimes due to some office problems, we have to change the house from one place to another. Or, for any other reason, it may be possible to change the house, which can be the cause of children’s school. The house you are living in so far If you have made a big house from that house, you may have to change the house even if there is any reason for the house. Changing the house and taking the house salon from one house to another at the right time is a very difficult task. But if we do this work with a little brain, then this work can be very convenient and very convenient in time with the help of

Today we want to tell you a little about my experience on this topic, and you also want to give some feedback. When we are changing the house, then a few days before it, we should get ready to change the house.

First of all, we should either give donations to all those unwanted salmon in the house or to put those unwanted salmon, which has been completely defective, should be put in a garbage bin. We should do this because the same work will have to be taken by us, this will also save your energy to take your unsolicited salmon.

Now when you pack items of household items that are packed, small boxes, tape staplers etc. are valued at all stores. All these items are very affordable but it is helpful to carry salmon. And nowadays, some agents are also working to change the house, which can put your whole salon in other homes at affordable prices. It is also economical to resort to the agent because he has knowledge of precious salmon and large tables and salmon and carry. You can find these agents of mowers packing and also different sites.

When packing salmon, we should pack all the glass items in a box surrounded by a thermocol so that any of the glassware can escape the breakdown.

Make two of the most important boxes from which one box should contain all your valuable documents and money etc. It should be firmly tapped and stapler attached. In the second box, you should have your everyday items such as breakfast salmon and food items so that from the new home you will be able to open only one box, all the necessary things will get affected. Another important thing is that the choice of van right van is very important as it has to be fixed long enough so that there should be enough space to keep all the boxes in it.

If you have some vehicles then if you take them to drive then it would be appropriate to put them in the van, because the money kept in the van is very high.

If some neighbors or agents of yours are working in salmon packing, it is advisable to give them water, cold drinks or snacks for some time so that they can work with the same energy. Even if children are asked to give a hand in this work, they will be more appropriate so that they can also help you in this longtime job, and children are also entertained. After changing home, you should send a message to all your relatives and friends by writing a social media or letter, or changing the address of any convenient medium.

Hopefully, some of the ways of changing the house will be nice to you.

The Fight Against Different Methods of Changing Your Address in the United States

The simplest approach to modify your address is online. You won’t be able to modify your address on the telephone. It is very important to keep the address on your car or truck registration current so that you will get the license renewal info plus any additional vital messages from

If you neglect to change your address, your driver’s license might be suspended. It is possible to also alter your address with your regional county Supervisor of Elections directly. When changing your address, you are going to have to indicate whether the address is on behalf of a person, a company or a family. Changing address is absolutely free. Please be aware that failure to register at the appropriate address could lead to a fine.

Simply complete the prompts as though you are changing your address online then opt to print out the form when your info is entered. Adjusting your address correctly is among the main things you will do. You can acquire the identical address for the two entries, so long as it isn’t a post office box.

Charges for a temporary shift in the address are higher in comparison to what you’d pay for you to modify your address permanently. Additional fees may apply whether the merchandise is qualified for export from the united states. There’s no fee to modify your address. There’s no fee to modify your address in our system.

Getting the Best Different Methods of Changing Your Address in the United Stateslf you’ve got online banking, you might be able to update your address via your account. You might be able to grow your company without moving in the event you can increase the productivity of your existing operation. If your enterprise and home address are the exact same, then your mail is extremely important to you. It’s also important to not forget that if you requested for the expert services of all your US postal provider, you entered into some kind of contract with them. No matter your reason for moving, you can choose to hire the expert services of expert movers.

Different Methods of Changing Your Address in the United States Based on circumstances, you might have other financial issues to contemplate. Alternately, you can call the publication and request an address change over the telephone. Reference publications like The Statistical Abstract of America and magazines like American Demographics are good areas to start. Please note that you can be asked to upload the documents mentioned previously. To be able to simplify the procedure, you’ll need to collect the essential documents, calculate your essential fee payment before being in a position to modify your address on your driver’s license. If you don’t require any new documents then leave the area blank and you’re not required to create any payment. The format of your current domain or domain type will find out the configuration changes.

Top Choices of Different Methods of Changing Your Address in the United StatesAs soon as your change was placed, it can’t be canceled. A permanent change of address usually means your mailing address is going to be changed permanently, not only for a predetermined period. A temporary reversal of address usually means your mail is going to be forwarded from your previous mailing address to the new one only for a particular time period (usually up to 6 months, with the choice to extend this up to 12 months). The USPS change of address usually means that you’re expected to include in the reversal of address form the names of all of the individuals that are moving or have just moved with you. You’re able to authorize somebody else to register your move for you. A temporary move would signify your stay in the particular residence is for a brief moment. With a couple notifications here and there to some crucial players in your life or in your organization, your moving may be a smooth one.

Power of Social Security Card

Social Security cards basically secure our place in the United States. We use them for jobs, to receive benefits and to properly identify ourselves as citizens. It is never recommended to carry it with you, instead, keep it in a safe place. However, if you would ever lose yours, you can use several different methods to replace it. Whether it’s online by, by mail, or through one of the Social Security offices in your city.

If you need to replace your social security card through the internet, simply follow these steps. Go to https:Ilwww.ssa.govlmyaccount. Once your there, you can either sign in or create your account. If chose the create your account” option, you will need: a valid email address, your social security number, a US. mailing address and you must be at least 18 years of age. At the bottom of the page, you will see a box that says, “I agree to the Terms of Service”. Check the box and hit the NEXT button in blue. You will then be promoted to a page where you must fill your: first name, middle name, last name, suffix, social security number, date of birth, home address, and primary phone number. It will then ask you for an extra security. You can request for a code then or later. The extra security will ask you questions similar to: the last 8 digits from your Visa, MasterCard or DiscoverCard, information from a W-2 tax form or information from a 1040 Schedule SE (self-employment) tax form.

You can then hit the NEXT button in blue. The next page will ask you 3 questions about yourself. Click the NEXT button in blue. You will then be able to create your username and password. It will ask you for your email address and 3 security questions. When you are finished, click the NEXT button in blue. You will then have an option to receive a security code, either through a text message or email. Chose your option and hit the NEXT button in blue. You will then receive a confirmation that says you have successfully created your account. The terms of service will show on the next page. Click on the, “I agree to the Terms of Service” once you have read them and hit the NEXT button in blue. You will then finally be in your homepage of your profile. You can scroll down to the bottom middle of the page. You will see a sentence in blue that states, “Request a Replacement Card”. Click on the option. It will take you to a new page and ask if your email address is still the same.

It will also ask if you have a driver’s license or ID card issued in the U.S., if you are requesting a replacement card for someone else, if you need to change the name on your card, if you birthday is the same birthday on your driver’s license or ID, if you have a US. mailing address and if you need to change the date of birth, place of birth or parent’s name. Click the NEXT button in blue. The next page will then ask for your name, last name, social security number, type of identification, U.S. mailing address and daytime phone number. For one last time, you will use your electronic signature by clicking the box that states, “I have read and agree with the statements above.” You can then hit the SUBMIT button in blue.

If you chose to go to a Social Security Office nearby you, the process will be much smoother but can take longer. Once you find the office, you will enter it and take a ticket or ticket number. There will be a line of people that also have ticket numbers. Make sure to take a driver’s license or identification card, birth certificate or other medical record that was recorded on the date of your birth, If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you. Once they call your ticket number, a representative will assist you.

To request a Social Security card replacement by mail, you must send a driver’s license or identification card copy, birth certificate copy and Social Security Card replacement application to your local Social Security Office. You can download the application at https:Ilwww.ssa.govlformslss-5.pdf.

Capacitors in the Real World

You may remember Doc Brown in “Back to the Future”, explaining to Marty that the flux capacitor is what makes time travel possible. Well, now is the time to shed some light on this essential electrical component you may find when opening most of your electronic devices.

Principles of capacitors

There are many different types of capacitors, but they basically consist of two plates made of an electrical conductor. These two plates are facing each other and the space in between is filled with an electrical insulator that can be polarized when exposed to a magnetic field. Such insulators – like ceramic, glass, paper or even air – are said to be dielectric.

When the circuit is powered with a continuous source of electrical current, negative charges accumulate on one plate, while positive charges accumulate on the other plate. After a certain amount of time, the plates are fully charged and charges stop flowing through the circuit. However, if the circuit is powered with an alternating source of current, charges keep flowing, establishing a permanent current in the circuit. To control the characteristics of the capacitor, one can modify the distance between the plates, alter their dimensions or change the nature of the dielectric medium.

Real world capacitors

Intuitively, we can see that capacitors have the interesting property of behaving differently depending on the nature of the power source. When the applied voltage is continuous, then the capacitor behaves as a turned-off switch and the continuous component of the current is then removed. In the other hand, when the power source consists of a time-varying voltage, the capacitor can exhibit interesting properties and act as a power source stabilizer. As a matter of fact, capacitors have important applications in the field of short-term energy storage. For instance, they are very helpful to maintain the level of the power supply while batteries are being changed.

On the contrary, they are also used for their capability of delivering high magnitude spikes, very useful to start motors by initiating the engine movement. The nature of these spikes are also very much appreciated in the field of electromagnetic weaponry, such as the production of electromagnetic pulses or the construction of high-intensity lasers.

Some other applications involve interesting properties that arise at some specific frequencies: this is the resonance phenomenon. This is fundamental in the field of radio telecommunication, where it is necessary to select and amplify the information contained within a specific frequency range.

On another note, one can also use a specific phosphorescent dielectric medium to produce light, which is the source of back lighting adopted in certain laptops. Capacitors have also proven to be a very efficient way of producing light for largere electroluminescent panels.

As we have seen, capacitors are literally everywhere around us. From coffee machines to cell phones, they serve the purpose of protecting sensitive circuit parts from unstable power surges or unexpected power outages. Their very simple nature makes them a very interesting passive electrical component. Industries have been making an extensive use of capacitors, and this isn’t likely to stop anytime soon.

Increase your local sales with signs

The revenues and profits of a business greatly depend on the number of customers , so most businesses are spending a lot of time and money advertising to increase the number of customers and revenues. While most businesses are advertising their services online and offline in the media, directories and other sources of information, one of the more inexpensive and effective methods of getting new customers and retaining existing customers is by having a custom sign. Detailed information on how your business can benefit from a custom sign is provided for the benefit of business owners and professionals. Be sure to also learn about getting a business signs made in cincinnati ohio.

While some products may be ordered online, most people will purchase many of the products and almost all the services they require locally as it is more convenient, and they can save time. It is also easier to get after sales support and service if they purchase a product or service locally. So they are more willing to check out a local business or professional if they have any information about the business. If a business has a custom sign installed in an area with a lot of traffic, people passing by, they are likely to visit the business, especially if they have a requirement. They will also inform their friends and relatives about the newly opened business. If no one is aware of the existence of the business or professional, no one is likely to send inquiries which could result in orders. If people spot a custom made sign with details of the business like the product or service offered, its location, timings and other information, they are likely to visit the business, especially if it is relevant to them. So the business sign, is a form of marketing and outdoor advertising for the business as it is useful in brand building and making more people aware of the products which are being sold, or the services which are provided.

Most businesses will use offline advertising in the form of flyers, brochures, advertisements and online advertising in social media, search engines. They will provide the address or phone number. However to make a purchase, the customer has to personally visit the business. Most people who are not familiar with a particular area, will spend a lot of time searching for the business premises, which may be an office or shop. Having a custom business sign with details of the business, can make it easier for a prospective customer to find the business location, leading to more leads and orders.

Most people lead a very hectic life and are involved in many activities, however when they spot the business signage, they are reminded of the business and its activities. So they are more likely to visit the business and place the order. It will also help existing customers to find the location of the business easily, especially if they are not visiting the area regularly. So business owners should be aware that a well designed and attractive sign custom made for the business, can help attract new customers, retain existing customers, and is a cost effective method of marketing, advertising and brand building