Cybersecurity Services: Are they really saving you?

Computers have become a part and parcel of our life. With the advent and popularization of internet, computers gained popularity rapidly. Computers have made life easy from the start, be it the digitalization of documents with Microsoft office or be it making the calculations fast with strong processors, there are a lot of examples how computers have helped people a lot. Internet brought a lot of new things to us in form of search engines, shopping websites, business/trading websites and even websites where you can socialize with people. Another thing that computers have brought in our life is threats, threats in the form of viruses. Internet not only helped in spreading this threat, but also made it uglier. We are connected to each other via internet, now it’s not just pen drives or floppy drives that spread viruses, it’s the internet.

The threats came in the form of phishing emails, malware links, malicious websites, online scams and a lot more. The pace at which our technology is progressing, the hackers are meeting the progress heads on with their malwares.

  • You gotbank accounts on websites; hackers got phishing emails which steal precious information from your computer like your passwords.


  • You got search engines to find websites; they created malicious websites which not only can steal information from your computer but also can use your account or your computer to spread the malware and you wouldn’t even know.


  • You got social media; they created links that spread malware.


  •  You got email accounts; they started scamming people.


  • Most hilarious one is that hackers successfully attacked technology people. The worst example of this is DDoS attacks. DDoS or distributed denial of service attack means that the hacker starts sending requests to a website from different servers, and sends so many requests that the website’s servers get overwhelmed and it is unable to serve the genuine requests and sometimes even lead to crash of their servers.

All this lead to creation of cyber security services. Cyber security services from cyber security companies like are technologies designed to avert these disasters. They protect your computers from attack, damage and unauthorized access. They are there to safeguard your applications, information, network etc. A lot of companies provide cyber security services like IBM, Cisco and even governments provide cyber security sometimes in the form of cyber security cells. They avert a lot of threats every day, but are they enough? Probably not, as hackers come up with something new and uglier every day. Let’s look at some of these cyber security disasters, where progressing technology helped hackers:


Does this mean that technology is helping hackers threaten our daily lives? Maybe. All that can be done is educate ourselves more about the threats, try to stay safe and pray.