Do electrical signs work in marketing?

Electrical signs, also known as neon signs, are visible light made from long luminous gas tubes that hold rarefied neon or other gases. First uses of this signs have been noted in the 1910 year when Georges Claude presented two long red neon tubes at the Paris Motor Show. But, the greatest popularity of electrical signs happens in the 1960s and 1970s. In these periods main use of neon signs is for marketing purposes. Due to the specific, strong light, electrical signs can easily attract the attention of everybody. The modern use of this type of signs can be noted in art installations. This new form of expression is tightly connected with the increased presence of the city’s poetics in the new art forms. And although the specific appearance of the electric signs makes them inspiration for the new aesthetic, the question is whether these signs work in marketing

The answer to this question must be YES, due to the fact that these days not only visual artists and musicians use them, but many business owners as well. Just think of the big world metropolises like Tokyo, London, Las Vegas and the massive use of electrical signs for marketing purposes in these cities. It seems that neon signs are increasingly present in different industries. This is due to their ability to awaken nostalgic feelings, on the one hand, and the development of technology that enables the creation of elegant and long-lasting signs.

So, how are they so useful when used in marketing and why people love electrical signs. The answer to these has to be explained through several of the most important features of neon signs at

• It’s really hard to miss them

A study made on this subject showed that people most often unwittingly make a decision to buy things they are familiar with (usually through commercial) and have already seen. Electrical signs are great for this because they can be noticed from great distance, even from driving down the highway. So it is likely that people who once passed a certain neon sign, the next time they pass beside it, they’ll feel a great deal of recognition and will not hesitate to visit the shop, restaurant or place that has been advertised.

• Colorful, Bright, Customizable and Beautiful

Regardless of your personal preferences, electrical signs can be a very beautiful and colorful addition to your shop window. Perhaps you prefer the vintage style of the sixties or maybe you are a bigger fan of the sophisticated subtle neon signs. Either way your vision can be easily designed. You can simply create your logo on a neon sign board and then customize it as you wish. Neon signs can be easily modeled in different shapes depending on your need and desire.

• Affordable and Long Lasting

The most fascinating and probably most suitable for the marketing purposes is the fact that electrical signs can last up to ten years without the need to rebuild and repaired. This durability makes them a truly worthwhile investment from which you can benefit for many years without worrying about it. All you have to do is choose the right sign, be creative and enjoy the benefits of this kind of marketing.