Everything You Need To Know About Changing Your Mailing Address

A change is as good as a rest. Except, the process of changing your mailing address threatens to stand in the way of your much awaited rest.

It may not be as energy draining as most of the activities that accompany the moving process but the procedure may turn out to be quite a hassle if you are not well prepared or conversant with the process.

How do you undergo mail address changing process smoothly?

Like any other process, to change your mailing address you have to adhere to some procedures and provide certain requirements to facilitate a smooth process with a company such as https://www.change-of-address-online.com/us-postal-service-change-of-address.php.

Below are some of the things to take note of:

Why is it tedious to have to change your mailing address?

1. You have to know your correct new address

To avoid registering the wrong the mail address with the U.S post office, it is important that you confirm with your new landlord or realtor in that case the correct address of your new residence. Neither should you forget to inquire about the correct ZIP code.

This is the most basic yet a crucial part of the procedure lest you risk losing some of your important mails. Worse still a mix up on this information may cost you part of your precious time.

2. You have to decide whether you are making an individual or a family change of address

The change of mailing address means that you have to clarify who is moving, in this case the names of individuals who are moving out.

This is a requirement in the U.S post office change of address form.

This part of the procedure is much easier if all members moving are from the same family (they share a surname). If not then you’ll have to fill separate forms of the names of the individuals who are moving with you. This also applies where only some of the members are moving out.

3. You have to decide whether you are applying for a temporal or a permanent change

This may not necessarily be a challenge since most of us already have a plan in mind when moving. However this may be an inconvenience in a case where you are not assured about your length of stay.

A permanent change of mailing address is pretty much what the name means. Your new mailing address will serve you for as long as you live in the new house. A permanent change of address is registered under the National Change of Address Database (NCOA).

A temporal change of address on the other hand lasts for set duration of time (mostly between 6 to 12 months). During this period, mails posted your old address will still reach you via the new address.

A temporal change is suitable when you have to move because of a job contract, a vacation or any other suitable reason.

4. You have to wait for a couple of days before the Change of address is processed

This may take a number of days. Say somewhere between 7 to 10 business days or less.

This duration will depend on a number of factors that may include:

·  Your new location

·  The number of requests being processed.

During this time period one is vulnerable and may lose some important mails in the process. It is therefore recommended that you begin the process of changing your address at least two weeks in advance to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience that may arise.

5. You have to notify various parties on the change of address

Unless you want to deal with lost mails and displaced deliveries it is important to notify the following parties of your new mailing address.

·  Government institutions

·  Friends and family

·  Organizations and social clubs

·  Utility companies

·  Your employer

·  Financial institutions

·  Service providers

There are 3 methods of changing your mailing address;

1.  Change your address in person: Ask the post office Personnel for PS form 3575

2.  Change your address online: Access the USPS Change of address form from USPS.com/move

3.  Change your address by phone: Just call 1-800-ASK- USPS

NOTE: Changing your address online and by phone will cost $1 verification fee.

Upon successful changing of your mailing address, USPS will mail you the following 3 letters;

·  A change of address validation letter: Sent to your old address. However if you already moved it is not sent

·  A permanent change of address confirmation letter: Sent to your new address

·  A welcome kit: Also sent to your new address.

I hope this helps you undergo a smooth change of mailing address.