How to apply for social security card online

A social security card is a nine digit figure given to American residents. It is a wallet sized document offered to permanent or temporary US citizens under the United Stated constitution section 205 of social security act. The social security card has a number of uses including identifying individuals for social security purposes, it’s used in taxation, for employment purposes and in calculating retirement benefits for retired individuals. The card is applied for if an individual wants to change his/her name, reapplying for an existing social security card when lost or stolen and when changing information on the card. Social security card can either be applied online or manually by submitting valid US identification, driver license or any US legal by sending an email to your local social security offices. Another way you can also be submitting the documents to the local social security offices in person, or online at

How can you apply a social security card online?

The process of applying for a social security card online is not complicated. It’s a very simple process and anyone can process it easily.

All you need is personal information such as name, postal code, social security number, identification number information, valid driver’s license and address.

Next, you find access to internet and log in to the social security account online. Its website is known as my social security.

Thereafter one can create an account name and password at the home page of the website by clicking on the link ‘Replacement Documents‘ and then ‘Request a Replacement Card‘

You will be required to submit either your email address or phone number. A one-time security code will be sent to either your number or email address for verification purposes. You will be required to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes in order to receive the verification code. The whole process is meant to keep your personal social security account information private and confidential.

Screening questions are a must and shall be asked to confirm ones eligibility. The questions won’t be complex as they ask about one’s personal information.

What’s the importance of applying social security card online?

It is an easy way other that visiting the Social Security offices in person.

By applying online you get to access your account anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to internet.

It’s safe from fraud and cybercrime as the Social Security website is protected from any kind of harm.

It’s confidential because a person has his/her own credentials to log in and no one can log to a different account without a username and password. A reason why anyone is asked to keep the account information private.

In conclusion the social security card is a very vital document for any US resident because without is it will be impossible to identify yourself. If one lacks a social security card, it will be very difficult to access essential services. You won’t be able to get employment because any employee must ask for the card. Finally applying for social security card by fraud and false information will be treated as a criminal offence and could be subject to severe actions. It’s always good to acquire the card as per the rules stipulated by the social security act under the US constitution.