How to apply for social security card online

A social security card is a nine digit figure given to American residents. It is a wallet sized document offered to permanent or temporary US citizens under the United Stated constitution section 205 of social security act. The social security card has a number of uses including identifying individuals for social security purposes, it’s used in taxation, for employment purposes and in calculating retirement benefits for retired individuals. The card is applied for if an individual wants to change his/her name, reapplying for an existing social security card when lost or stolen and when changing information on the card. Social security card can either be applied online or manually by submitting valid US identification, driver license or any US legal by sending an email to your local social security offices. Another way you can also be submitting the documents to the local social security offices in person, or online at

How can you apply a social security card online?

The process of applying for a social security card online is not complicated. It’s a very simple process and anyone can process it easily.

All you need is personal information such as name, postal code, social security number, identification number information, valid driver’s license and address.

Next, you find access to internet and log in to the social security account online. Its website is known as my social security.

Thereafter one can create an account name and password at the home page of the website by clicking on the link ‘Replacement Documents‘ and then ‘Request a Replacement Card‘

You will be required to submit either your email address or phone number. A one-time security code will be sent to either your number or email address for verification purposes. You will be required to wait for a maximum of 15 minutes in order to receive the verification code. The whole process is meant to keep your personal social security account information private and confidential.

Screening questions are a must and shall be asked to confirm ones eligibility. The questions won’t be complex as they ask about one’s personal information.

What’s the importance of applying social security card online?

It is an easy way other that visiting the Social Security offices in person.

By applying online you get to access your account anywhere and anytime as long as you are connected to internet.

It’s safe from fraud and cybercrime as the Social Security website is protected from any kind of harm.

It’s confidential because a person has his/her own credentials to log in and no one can log to a different account without a username and password. A reason why anyone is asked to keep the account information private.

In conclusion the social security card is a very vital document for any US resident because without is it will be impossible to identify yourself. If one lacks a social security card, it will be very difficult to access essential services. You won’t be able to get employment because any employee must ask for the card. Finally applying for social security card by fraud and false information will be treated as a criminal offence and could be subject to severe actions. It’s always good to acquire the card as per the rules stipulated by the social security act under the US constitution.

The importance of form 3575

The United States postal service abbreviated USPS is an independent organ of the United States federal government. Its responsibility is providing postal services to the people of the United States, its insular states and associated areas. In order to have your mail forwarded to your home by the agency you need an address that is official. What happens when you move to a new home? The answer is obvious; your home address has to be changed. This is done by filling a form- 3575. It’s preferred that you change your address two weeks prior to the day of movement. This is to maximize the possibility of having your mail delivered to the right address. The USPS guidelines states that it may take 7-1 0 business days to have mail forwarded to your new address, it can take longer if you don’t engage professionals from to help you out.


The procedure to obtain a change in home address from the USPS can be done at the post office, through mail or online. All these methods are conducted free of charge with an exception of when you elect submission of your form 3575 online. At the post office that is servicing your to be changed address ask the USPS representatives for form 3575, directions to your post office can be obtained from the official USPS website. To obtain the form through mail, first contact the USPS representatives to have the form 3575 mailed to you. The USPS contacts are obtainable from their official website. If you choose the online method, visit the USPS’ official change of address website and fill in the details that are required. You will be asked to print a copy of the filled form.


The filled form is hand delivered to the post office that is currently servicing your to be changed address. The form is also submitted by mailing it to the same post office or still have your courier service provider make the delivery for you. Another option to submit the form is online. After filling in the form on the official USPS website, you can have it printed and have it hand or mail delivered. Still when online the last step after filling it online is submitting it online. Averification fee is applicable with this method.


As mentioned before, this whole process is very crucial. Here are the reasons:

1. To ensure your mail is forwarded to the correct address- this will hasten the time taken for you to have your mail and open it.

2. To stop mail from being forwarded to your old address- it enhances security and confidentiality of your mail. When delivered to your old address it is prone to someone else having it before you lay your hands on it.

3. Provide information to the post office if your move is a temporal or permanent one. You will also provide information on the date to terminate the forwarding mail to your new address if you make a temporal move. Be aware of scammers especially when applying for an address change online. Your identity and even information as to how long your old home is unoccupied can be vital in attempting malicious activities. Your identity can be stolen. If you use a scammer website, the USPS will not be notified of the address change and will continue forwarding your mail to the old address.

The perfect real estate deal

There’s usually a sense of urgency associated with getting a seemingly perfect deal over the line. Even when you feel you’ve got that perfect deal to sell your home in record time, it’s not strange to suddenly develop cold feet in the dying moments of the deal. In fact, you have a 50 percent chance of having regrets, no matter how good a deal you may feel you’ve got. Because statistically, more than half of new and repeat home sellers express sadness after home sales, unless they went through a great company like

Avoid A Seller’s Remorse

A “sellers remorse” isn’t just a psychological state of mind, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t rush to sell your home, financials apart. Chief reason being the need to find you a perfect new home. This will exclude you from being like one of 21 percent of respondents of a special poll who regretted not having enough time to secure a new home before selling. Other reasons why you shouldn’t rush to sell your home are discussed below.

Determine Adequate Preparation For The Place

Getting Over-Prepared For A Sale

Getting good deals are most often about preparations. I mean, how do you find the right balance between under-preparedness and over-preparedness?How wonderful a deal you can get by putting the home in pristine ultimate condition, for the potential buyer… yeah? Think again, I bet you could end up disappointed! In a bid to impress potential buyers, excitement and rush of blood could make you rush into some unnecessary, expensive alterations and facelifts with little to no real value. This in the end might leave your clients not particularly impressed and you with a deep pocket hole to fill. Aaarrrrgh!

Even Worse Being Under-Prepared

On the other hand, the haste to sell could arm prospect buyers with enough ammunition to make disparaging comments about your home. This forces you to continually give concessions of discounts till you’re eventually left with regrets when you find out, eventually, that with the right facelift, you could have gotten a much better deal. And worse still, you drive past your former home, now occupied, to find that the tentative roof or garden repairs which forced price concessions are still in the state at which you sold, several years later!

The Trick

The trick is that you should never overdo things in this regard. Just do the needful. That fine line isn’t set in stones. Even if written in black and white, I bet you there are many gray areas. The more reason why you shouldn’t rush to “rectify” things just to sell in a rush.

You Need Time To Decide On A Realtor

Sometimes in life, to move faster you need to slow down.” This is also true for the important business of selling a home. According to a research by Zillow, about 19 percent of respondents surveyed regret not contracting a realtor. It might sometimes appear easier and faster to try and sell without a realtor, all because you want to rush through a deal. An experienced realtor who’s been enlisted by your prospect buyer can eventually deal you the short end of the bargain stick. This is apart from the rigors and technicalities of several lengthy negotiations. There are many home sellers who had to flip and eventually hire a realtor, thereby missing out on potential good deals due to the dynamics of a constantly changing world of real estate.

Avoid MONEY ONLY Induced Sale

Sometimes there are offers that just feel too good to resist. Hence the urge to rush and sell. But satisfaction from any deal isn’t only a function of price. Unless you’re selling a home that you have minimal affection for, then you stand the risk of “buyer’s remorse” when you sell a home that holds much emotional significance for you. In fact, it is advisable for you to deal with the emotional consequences of such a sale first before attempting to dispose. Because no matter the verbal commitment you’re able to extract from prospect buyers promising to care for the property, once you’ve sold, you’re at the mercy of their discretion!


According to Sir Richard Branson, “opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming along.” No matter how great a deal appears to be, there’s usually a greater offer. Not just in financial terms, but in other aspects that also matter to you. That’s another major reason why you shouldn’t rush to sell your home!

Everything You Need To Know About Changing Your Mailing Address

A change is as good as a rest. Except, the process of changing your mailing address threatens to stand in the way of your much awaited rest.

It may not be as energy draining as most of the activities that accompany the moving process but the procedure may turn out to be quite a hassle if you are not well prepared or conversant with the process.

How do you undergo mail address changing process smoothly?

Like any other process, to change your mailing address you have to adhere to some procedures and provide certain requirements to facilitate a smooth process with a company such as

Below are some of the things to take note of:

Why is it tedious to have to change your mailing address?

1. You have to know your correct new address

To avoid registering the wrong the mail address with the U.S post office, it is important that you confirm with your new landlord or realtor in that case the correct address of your new residence. Neither should you forget to inquire about the correct ZIP code.

This is the most basic yet a crucial part of the procedure lest you risk losing some of your important mails. Worse still a mix up on this information may cost you part of your precious time.

2. You have to decide whether you are making an individual or a family change of address

The change of mailing address means that you have to clarify who is moving, in this case the names of individuals who are moving out.

This is a requirement in the U.S post office change of address form.

This part of the procedure is much easier if all members moving are from the same family (they share a surname). If not then you’ll have to fill separate forms of the names of the individuals who are moving with you. This also applies where only some of the members are moving out.

3. You have to decide whether you are applying for a temporal or a permanent change

This may not necessarily be a challenge since most of us already have a plan in mind when moving. However this may be an inconvenience in a case where you are not assured about your length of stay.

A permanent change of mailing address is pretty much what the name means. Your new mailing address will serve you for as long as you live in the new house. A permanent change of address is registered under the National Change of Address Database (NCOA).

A temporal change of address on the other hand lasts for set duration of time (mostly between 6 to 12 months). During this period, mails posted your old address will still reach you via the new address.

A temporal change is suitable when you have to move because of a job contract, a vacation or any other suitable reason.

4. You have to wait for a couple of days before the Change of address is processed

This may take a number of days. Say somewhere between 7 to 10 business days or less.

This duration will depend on a number of factors that may include:

·  Your new location

·  The number of requests being processed.

During this time period one is vulnerable and may lose some important mails in the process. It is therefore recommended that you begin the process of changing your address at least two weeks in advance to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience that may arise.

5. You have to notify various parties on the change of address

Unless you want to deal with lost mails and displaced deliveries it is important to notify the following parties of your new mailing address.

·  Government institutions

·  Friends and family

·  Organizations and social clubs

·  Utility companies

·  Your employer

·  Financial institutions

·  Service providers

There are 3 methods of changing your mailing address;

1.  Change your address in person: Ask the post office Personnel for PS form 3575

2.  Change your address online: Access the USPS Change of address form from

3.  Change your address by phone: Just call 1-800-ASK- USPS

NOTE: Changing your address online and by phone will cost $1 verification fee.

Upon successful changing of your mailing address, USPS will mail you the following 3 letters;

·  A change of address validation letter: Sent to your old address. However if you already moved it is not sent

·  A permanent change of address confirmation letter: Sent to your new address

·  A welcome kit: Also sent to your new address.

I hope this helps you undergo a smooth change of mailing address.

Get a new social security card fast

Are you scared because of a lost social Security Card? It is normal for anybody to be afraid and confused whenever personal information goes missing. You become afraid because your information might be abused and you get confused because you don’t know the first action to take in such a situation. Replacing it will be among the first ideas that will cross your mind. The good news is that replacing a lost social security card is free and the whole process is simple to follow –

In order to replace a lost card, you will be required to go through a verification process where you will be asked to produce some documents for proof of identity.

Follow this step by step guide to get back your card swiftly and without charges.


The first most important thing is to know which documents will be required to replace your card. You will be asked to produce your US passport, driver’s license among other certificates. You can choose to apply online or make a print out of the application form and submit it via mail or at their offices. Remember, the documents to be attached must be original or copies must be certified by the issuing agency. Do not waste your time to send expired or photocopies, your request will be declined.

Identity Protection

In order to protect your identity from being misused by other people. You must keep in mind that replacing your lost card will not limit someone from misusing it. Therefore, the most important thing is to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and explain to them what happened to your social security card. This will prompt all the bureaus to place a fraud alert on your card immediately. To determine whether someone is illegally using your card, you have to order credit reports. These credits reports will give you a clear picture when and where the suspected fraud took place. By any chance you find evidence of fraud, you must file a police report and you will be given a 7 years victim statement.

Monitoring of Social Security Record

Another important step that should not be left out is checking your social security to confirm that your income is calculated correctly and timely by calling (toll-free 1-800-772-1213; TTY 1-800-325-0778). Last but not least is to avoid some online service providers who are after making quick cash. As aforementioned, replacing a lost social security card is absolutely free. Everyone is entitled to replace three times in a year and 10 times in their lifetime. There is no doubt that a social security card has numerous benefits in your daily activities. You will be asked to present your card during job interviews, tax payment, among many others. There is no need to risk your identity while the process is simple and free. In case you need help with replacing your card you can contact the Social Security Administration’s site for immediate support. Also, you should employ a two fact authentication security method to enhance the security of your online accounts.

The problems you face during a divorce

Cases of divorce is definitely a distressing process. You will not only be suffering from heartbreak at the collapse of your marital relationship, but you will also be bitterly arguing for possessions which you have accumulated with your spouse within the period of your marital life. And if there are kids involved, the whole scenario becomes more complicated. Every single phase of the splitting up process is going to be filled with hurt, and your choice of a lawyer can greatly impact the way the proceedings go.

Most couples, when asked what kind of divorce lawyer they want to hire, will mention that they want one who is a “fighter.” Yet, this sort of lawyer can be an undesirable option for such a private affair, leading all the people concerned more harm than good. It may be persuaded to obtain a lawyer who can remain true to you in this procedure, but bravado and ruthlessness can only bring you so far. Should you truly want to gain the best from your broken union, then you shouldn’t just choose the meanest, toughest lawyer in town. Honesty, reliability, and true interest must be the top characteristics of divorce lawyers couples should hire, e.g.

A good divorce attorney must be sincere enough to have the ability to let you know the negative information. Most couples assume that divorce proceedings are all about who grabs what or how much. Usually, you can get so depressed by what you wish to get hold of that you’ll fail to see the other side of the problem, that is information on what you will lose and how much. You might lose a house, market some of your properties, or see your kids less. An excellent divorce lawyer must be able to inform you these things and give you a more sensible perspective of the procedure.

Divorce lawyers partners hire must also be trustworthy. Divorce is a critical issue where you might need to expose delicate details about your marriage. You should deal with a lawyer you’re at ease with, and one you can instantly talk to.

Also, you want to make sure that you have a lawyer on your side if there are going to be any sort of child custody battles or agreements that need to be taken into account. When you are looking for a lawyer, finding someone that has experience in dealing with child custody battles can be to your advantage, and allow you to make sure that you find a firm that has the experience that you need.

Finally, a great divorce lawyer must have your best welfare at heart. Splitting up is an agonizing process, and you will be sacrificing several of your properties as you go along. A good divorce attorney should render the best work to help you gain enough to at least live through after your marriage, and if there are children involved, he or she should be able to negotiate a deal with your partner that can best take care of the children.

Divorce is something that individuals don’t want to encounter. However, in some cases, it can’t be avoided. Breaking up from a person you swore to love “’til death do us part” is hard, so aim to make it easier for you and your spouse by getting a good divorce attorney.

Do electrical signs work in marketing?

Electrical signs, also known as neon signs, are visible light made from long luminous gas tubes that hold rarefied neon or other gases. First uses of this signs have been noted in the 1910 year when Georges Claude presented two long red neon tubes at the Paris Motor Show. But, the greatest popularity of electrical signs happens in the 1960s and 1970s. In these periods main use of neon signs is for marketing purposes. Due to the specific, strong light, electrical signs can easily attract the attention of everybody. The modern use of this type of signs can be noted in art installations. This new form of expression is tightly connected with the increased presence of the city’s poetics in the new art forms. And although the specific appearance of the electric signs makes them inspiration for the new aesthetic, the question is whether these signs work in marketing

The answer to this question must be YES, due to the fact that these days not only visual artists and musicians use them, but many business owners as well. Just think of the big world metropolises like Tokyo, London, Las Vegas and the massive use of electrical signs for marketing purposes in these cities. It seems that neon signs are increasingly present in different industries. This is due to their ability to awaken nostalgic feelings, on the one hand, and the development of technology that enables the creation of elegant and long-lasting signs.

So, how are they so useful when used in marketing and why people love electrical signs. The answer to these has to be explained through several of the most important features of neon signs at

• It’s really hard to miss them

A study made on this subject showed that people most often unwittingly make a decision to buy things they are familiar with (usually through commercial) and have already seen. Electrical signs are great for this because they can be noticed from great distance, even from driving down the highway. So it is likely that people who once passed a certain neon sign, the next time they pass beside it, they’ll feel a great deal of recognition and will not hesitate to visit the shop, restaurant or place that has been advertised.

• Colorful, Bright, Customizable and Beautiful

Regardless of your personal preferences, electrical signs can be a very beautiful and colorful addition to your shop window. Perhaps you prefer the vintage style of the sixties or maybe you are a bigger fan of the sophisticated subtle neon signs. Either way your vision can be easily designed. You can simply create your logo on a neon sign board and then customize it as you wish. Neon signs can be easily modeled in different shapes depending on your need and desire.

• Affordable and Long Lasting

The most fascinating and probably most suitable for the marketing purposes is the fact that electrical signs can last up to ten years without the need to rebuild and repaired. This durability makes them a truly worthwhile investment from which you can benefit for many years without worrying about it. All you have to do is choose the right sign, be creative and enjoy the benefits of this kind of marketing.

All about Florida Homes

Are you interested in Florida homes? Do you know how much you need to secure a home in Florida? Well, read this article to find out more. Buying or selling of a home is not as easy as you think. Several procedures

are followed to buy or sell a home. In the last few years, the prices of Homes in Florida has been going up. If

you want to buy a house, you need to understand that there are factors which may cause a house to increase

in its value. The price of the house located near the town, road, or any economic or social amenities is not the same price for the house located far from these sites. So, how much do homes in Florida cost?

The median price for a home in Florida goes to $176,100, as can be seen on Due to increase in the value of the house by 8°/o,

the median price is $273,490. If you are an investor, you should target on the hidden cost associated with the house. By learning about the different fees you may incur, you can increase your bottom line when buying



There are a lot of miscellaneous fees involved in purchasing a house; loan application fees are a prime

example of this. Right from the start, you have to spend money to be considered for most Florida home loans.

Although the fees might be minimal, they still must be taken into account as an expense that takes away

from your bottom line. There will also be solicitor and conveyancing fees to take into consideration; both of

these are inescapable parts of purchasing real estate and will detract from your overall expected returns.


When reading a property for purchase, certain inspections must be undertaken. What is important here is that anything of value requires investment and is rarely provided free of charge. Building inspections are critical when purchasing a new property and can uncover major problems that would cost you even more money down the line; council inspections are also part and parcel of the property buying experience. On top of these routine inspections, you really should make sure that there are no pest infestations at the property that you are considering; you can add paying for a pest inspection to the list of additional costs.


Paying for the property that you buy involves more than simply paying a monthly mortgage loan; as an experienced Florida financial services agent can tell you, insurance costs must be factored in and will be an

ongoing additional expense. The home itself must be insured; most mortgage loans require this. Contents

insurance is extra coverage that protects your possessions and is highly recommended.

Other Miscellaneous Costs

Once the purchase is finalized, there are still a few more costs to be considered. Moving expenses absolutely

must be included in the final cost of buying property; in some cases, they can be considerable. Utility

connections are an essential component of preparing a home to live in. Accounting for these expenses will not leave you in the lurch. By being aware of the extra costs of buying real estate, you can make a far more

strategic – and informed – decision.

Cybersecurity Services: Are they really saving you?

Computers have become a part and parcel of our life. With the advent and popularization of internet, computers gained popularity rapidly. Computers have made life easy from the start, be it the digitalization of documents with Microsoft office or be it making the calculations fast with strong processors, there are a lot of examples how computers have helped people a lot. Internet brought a lot of new things to us in form of search engines, shopping websites, business/trading websites and even websites where you can socialize with people. Another thing that computers have brought in our life is threats, threats in the form of viruses. Internet not only helped in spreading this threat, but also made it uglier. We are connected to each other via internet, now it’s not just pen drives or floppy drives that spread viruses, it’s the internet.

The threats came in the form of phishing emails, malware links, malicious websites, online scams and a lot more. The pace at which our technology is progressing, the hackers are meeting the progress heads on with their malwares.

  • You gotbank accounts on websites; hackers got phishing emails which steal precious information from your computer like your passwords.


  • You got search engines to find websites; they created malicious websites which not only can steal information from your computer but also can use your account or your computer to spread the malware and you wouldn’t even know.


  • You got social media; they created links that spread malware.


  •  You got email accounts; they started scamming people.


  • Most hilarious one is that hackers successfully attacked technology people. The worst example of this is DDoS attacks. DDoS or distributed denial of service attack means that the hacker starts sending requests to a website from different servers, and sends so many requests that the website’s servers get overwhelmed and it is unable to serve the genuine requests and sometimes even lead to crash of their servers.

All this lead to creation of cyber security services. Cyber security services from cyber security companies like are technologies designed to avert these disasters. They protect your computers from attack, damage and unauthorized access. They are there to safeguard your applications, information, network etc. A lot of companies provide cyber security services like IBM, Cisco and even governments provide cyber security sometimes in the form of cyber security cells. They avert a lot of threats every day, but are they enough? Probably not, as hackers come up with something new and uglier every day. Let’s look at some of these cyber security disasters, where progressing technology helped hackers:


Does this mean that technology is helping hackers threaten our daily lives? Maybe. All that can be done is educate ourselves more about the threats, try to stay safe and pray.