Popular and trusted brand for beard trimming

Philips-Norelco is a Popular, Trusted Brand when it comes to Personal Care Appliances, Philips-Norelco Beard Trimmers is very Popular around the World, especially in the US as written on beardcareshop.com/best-beard-trimmer-2018/.

The Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers started out in 2005 and till now it is the Famous and Best Selling Beard Trimmers. Beard Trimmers are also called as Electric-Shavers, It’s a Device used to Trim Your Hairs. Beard Trimmers Replaced the Traditional way of Shaving, it’s the Best alternative to Razor Shaving without the risks of Cuts, Wounds. Beard Trimmers are electrically-powered Shavers which comes in two types, Corded Trimmers and Cordless Trimmers.


1)Various Choices: There is a wide range of varieties of Beard Trimmers under the Philips-Norelco Brand, each comes with unique Features and different Specifications that is made for a specific purpose. You have a lot of different types of Philips-Norelco Beard Trimmers Available to Choose from. Check out the Products, read the Specifications and Buy according to Your Requirements.

Some Famous and Best Selling Beard Trimmers from Philips-Norelco Brand,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 1000

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3000

c) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3500

d) Norelco Beard-trimmer 5100

e) Norelco Beard-trimmer 7200

f) Norelco Beard-trimmer 9100

2) Cordless with Corded (Two-Way Powered): All Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers from series 1000 is Cordless and are Battery Powerd but One can also use the Beard Trimmers by Connecting with a Direct Power Supply, unlike most other Beard Trimmers which is either Corded or Cordless, they can’t be used in both Ways. This To-Way Powered Feature makes Norelco Branded Trimmers Unique and Different from other Beard Trimmers available in the Market.

3) Good Battery Backup: Battery Capacity and Backup is the main Feature of Any Corless Trimmer, The more the Battery Capacity is the more Time the Trimmer will Work. All Norelco Branded Beart Trimmers comes with a Good Battery Backup ranging from around 50 min to 120 min of Use in a Single Charge. The Norelco Beardtrimmer 3500 provides Battery Backup of 120 min.

4) Fast Charging: This is Feature of Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers which Tops all the Comparison Lists/Charts when Compared to Other Trimmers. Usually, Cordless Beard Trimmers takes around 8-10 Hours of Time to Charge the Battery Fully which is a lot of time to wait. Norelco Branded Trimmers doesn’t need even Half of the Time taken by other Beard Trimmers. It Just takes 1 Hour of Time to Charge the Trimmer Fully and make it Available for use, that’s Approximately 10% of the time taken by other Beard Trimmers.

Some Norelco Fast-Charging Feature enabled Beard Trimmers,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3500

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 5100

c) Norelco Beard-trimmer 7200

d) Norelco Beard-trimmer 9100

5) Skin-Friendly: Most of the People prefer Beard Trimmers over Razor Shaving to have a Shave done Perfectly without the risks of any Cuts or Wounds. The Norelco Branded Beard Trimmers are made by keeping Safety into Consideration. These Beard Trimmers are equipped with High-Quality Stainless Steel, Titanium blades which not only gives a Clean Shave but also Ensures a Protective and Safe Shave. The Blades are Sharpened and Designed in such a way to cut each and every Hair Perfectly and Prevent harm to Skin.

6) Water-Resistant and Washable: Cleansing of the Trimmers after Every use is Necessary to maintain Good and Hygenic Shave. Cleaning the Beard Trimmers is a Challenging Tasks with some Beard Trimmers which poses Restrictions on the Way of Cleaning and doesn’t have the Water-resistance feature But this is not the Problem with Norelco Beard Trimmers. Norelco Beard Trimmers comes with Washable Attachments and Water-resistant Feature which allows us to Directly Wash and Clean the Beard Trimmers or its Attachments with Water under the Tap.

Some Norelco Beard Trimmers with Washable Detachments,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 1000

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3000

c) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3100

d) Norelco Beard-trimmer 3500

e) Norelco Beard-trimmer 7200

Some Norelco Beard Trimmers with Fully Washable Water-Resistant Feature,

a) Norelco Beard-trimmer 5100

b) Norelco Beard-trimmer 9100