Power of Social Security Card

Social Security cards basically secure our place in the United States. We use them for jobs, to receive benefits and to properly identify ourselves as citizens. It is never recommended to carry it with you, instead, keep it in a safe place. However, if you would ever lose yours, you can use several different methods to replace it. Whether it’s online by https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/form-ss-5/, by mail, or through one of the Social Security offices in your city.

If you need to replace your social security card through the internet, simply follow these steps. Go to https:Ilwww.ssa.govlmyaccount. Once your there, you can either sign in or create your account. If chose the create your account” option, you will need: a valid email address, your social security number, a US. mailing address and you must be at least 18 years of age. At the bottom of the page, you will see a box that says, “I agree to the Terms of Service”. Check the box and hit the NEXT button in blue. You will then be promoted to a page where you must fill your: first name, middle name, last name, suffix, social security number, date of birth, home address, and primary phone number. It will then ask you for an extra security. You can request for a code then or later. The extra security will ask you questions similar to: the last 8 digits from your Visa, MasterCard or DiscoverCard, information from a W-2 tax form or information from a 1040 Schedule SE (self-employment) tax form.

You can then hit the NEXT button in blue. The next page will ask you 3 questions about yourself. Click the NEXT button in blue. You will then be able to create your username and password. It will ask you for your email address and 3 security questions. When you are finished, click the NEXT button in blue. You will then have an option to receive a security code, either through a text message or email. Chose your option and hit the NEXT button in blue. You will then receive a confirmation that says you have successfully created your account. The terms of service will show on the next page. Click on the, “I agree to the Terms of Service” once you have read them and hit the NEXT button in blue. You will then finally be in your homepage of your profile. You can scroll down to the bottom middle of the page. You will see a sentence in blue that states, “Request a Replacement Card”. Click on the option. It will take you to a new page and ask if your email address is still the same.

It will also ask if you have a driver’s license or ID card issued in the U.S., if you are requesting a replacement card for someone else, if you need to change the name on your card, if you birthday is the same birthday on your driver’s license or ID, if you have a US. mailing address and if you need to change the date of birth, place of birth or parent’s name. Click the NEXT button in blue. The next page will then ask for your name, last name, social security number, type of identification, U.S. mailing address and daytime phone number. For one last time, you will use your electronic signature by clicking the box that states, “I have read and agree with the statements above.” You can then hit the SUBMIT button in blue.

If you chose to go to a Social Security Office nearby you, the process will be much smoother but can take longer. Once you find the office, you will enter it and take a ticket or ticket number. There will be a line of people that also have ticket numbers. Make sure to take a driver’s license or identification card, birth certificate or other medical record that was recorded on the date of your birth, If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must accompany you. Once they call your ticket number, a representative will assist you.

To request a Social Security card replacement by mail, you must send a driver’s license or identification card copy, birth certificate copy and Social Security Card replacement application to your local Social Security Office. You can download the application at https:Ilwww.ssa.govlformslss-5.pdf.