The importance of form 3575

The United States postal service abbreviated USPS is an independent organ of the United States federal government. Its responsibility is providing postal services to the people of the United States, its insular states and associated areas. In order to have your mail forwarded to your home by the agency you need an address that is official. What happens when you move to a new home? The answer is obvious; your home address has to be changed. This is done by filling a form- 3575. It’s preferred that you change your address two weeks prior to the day of movement. This is to maximize the possibility of having your mail delivered to the right address. The USPS guidelines states that it may take 7-1 0 business days to have mail forwarded to your new address, it can take longer if you don’t engage professionals from to help you out.


The procedure to obtain a change in home address from the USPS can be done at the post office, through mail or online. All these methods are conducted free of charge with an exception of when you elect submission of your form 3575 online. At the post office that is servicing your to be changed address ask the USPS representatives for form 3575, directions to your post office can be obtained from the official USPS website. To obtain the form through mail, first contact the USPS representatives to have the form 3575 mailed to you. The USPS contacts are obtainable from their official website. If you choose the online method, visit the USPS’ official change of address website and fill in the details that are required. You will be asked to print a copy of the filled form.


The filled form is hand delivered to the post office that is currently servicing your to be changed address. The form is also submitted by mailing it to the same post office or still have your courier service provider make the delivery for you. Another option to submit the form is online. After filling in the form on the official USPS website, you can have it printed and have it hand or mail delivered. Still when online the last step after filling it online is submitting it online. Averification fee is applicable with this method.


As mentioned before, this whole process is very crucial. Here are the reasons:

1. To ensure your mail is forwarded to the correct address- this will hasten the time taken for you to have your mail and open it.

2. To stop mail from being forwarded to your old address- it enhances security and confidentiality of your mail. When delivered to your old address it is prone to someone else having it before you lay your hands on it.

3. Provide information to the post office if your move is a temporal or permanent one. You will also provide information on the date to terminate the forwarding mail to your new address if you make a temporal move. Be aware of scammers especially when applying for an address change online. Your identity and even information as to how long your old home is unoccupied can be vital in attempting malicious activities. Your identity can be stolen. If you use a scammer website, the USPS will not be notified of the address change and will continue forwarding your mail to the old address.