The perfect real estate deal

There’s usually a sense of urgency associated with getting a seemingly perfect deal over the line. Even when you feel you’ve got that perfect deal to sell your home in record time, it’s not strange to suddenly develop cold feet in the dying moments of the deal. In fact, you have a 50 percent chance of having regrets, no matter how good a deal you may feel you’ve got. Because statistically, more than half of new and repeat home sellers express sadness after home sales, unless they went through a great company like

Avoid A Seller’s Remorse

A “sellers remorse” isn’t just a psychological state of mind, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t rush to sell your home, financials apart. Chief reason being the need to find you a perfect new home. This will exclude you from being like one of 21 percent of respondents of a special poll who regretted not having enough time to secure a new home before selling. Other reasons why you shouldn’t rush to sell your home are discussed below.

Determine Adequate Preparation For The Place

Getting Over-Prepared For A Sale

Getting good deals are most often about preparations. I mean, how do you find the right balance between under-preparedness and over-preparedness?How wonderful a deal you can get by putting the home in pristine ultimate condition, for the potential buyer… yeah? Think again, I bet you could end up disappointed! In a bid to impress potential buyers, excitement and rush of blood could make you rush into some unnecessary, expensive alterations and facelifts with little to no real value. This in the end might leave your clients not particularly impressed and you with a deep pocket hole to fill. Aaarrrrgh!

Even Worse Being Under-Prepared

On the other hand, the haste to sell could arm prospect buyers with enough ammunition to make disparaging comments about your home. This forces you to continually give concessions of discounts till you’re eventually left with regrets when you find out, eventually, that with the right facelift, you could have gotten a much better deal. And worse still, you drive past your former home, now occupied, to find that the tentative roof or garden repairs which forced price concessions are still in the state at which you sold, several years later!

The Trick

The trick is that you should never overdo things in this regard. Just do the needful. That fine line isn’t set in stones. Even if written in black and white, I bet you there are many gray areas. The more reason why you shouldn’t rush to “rectify” things just to sell in a rush.

You Need Time To Decide On A Realtor

Sometimes in life, to move faster you need to slow down.” This is also true for the important business of selling a home. According to a research by Zillow, about 19 percent of respondents surveyed regret not contracting a realtor. It might sometimes appear easier and faster to try and sell without a realtor, all because you want to rush through a deal. An experienced realtor who’s been enlisted by your prospect buyer can eventually deal you the short end of the bargain stick. This is apart from the rigors and technicalities of several lengthy negotiations. There are many home sellers who had to flip and eventually hire a realtor, thereby missing out on potential good deals due to the dynamics of a constantly changing world of real estate.

Avoid MONEY ONLY Induced Sale

Sometimes there are offers that just feel too good to resist. Hence the urge to rush and sell. But satisfaction from any deal isn’t only a function of price. Unless you’re selling a home that you have minimal affection for, then you stand the risk of “buyer’s remorse” when you sell a home that holds much emotional significance for you. In fact, it is advisable for you to deal with the emotional consequences of such a sale first before attempting to dispose. Because no matter the verbal commitment you’re able to extract from prospect buyers promising to care for the property, once you’ve sold, you’re at the mercy of their discretion!


According to Sir Richard Branson, “opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming along.” No matter how great a deal appears to be, there’s usually a greater offer. Not just in financial terms, but in other aspects that also matter to you. That’s another major reason why you shouldn’t rush to sell your home!